5 reasons why you should invest in France [fr]

France has many strengths which attract businesses and foreign investment.

As a major industrial power at the heart of a buoyant European market, it is a country which is opening its doors to businesses and talents.


A vibrant market at the heart of Europe


France is the world’s fifth largest economy, the second biggest consumer market in Europe and the world’s seventh largest foreign investor. It offers a wide array of business opportunities for investors and has a proven track record of attracting and retaining foreign companies and key talent.

France is a modern, open market with strong demographics. It is one of the main global economic powers.

As a founding member of the European Union and Eurozone and given its location at the heart of Europe, France offers direct access to the single European market and EU partners.

Highly qualified and productive human resources


France is investing heavily in its education system.

It has a qualified, adaptable workforce which can master new technologies, which are essential for increasing productivity.

France offers strong labour productivity and, as compared to the United States, for example, offers attractive operating costs for foreign companies in all sectors of activity, particularly R&D.

A nation of entrepreneurs


France has a vibrant market in terms of net business creation. Innovative businesses can benefit from an extensive network of incubators and accelerators all over France, including Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus, which is attracting many foreign companies.

France makes life easier for entrepreneurs, with an ambitious labour market and tax reform programme and an action plan to promote corporate growth and simplify the business environment.

Strong asset management and the vibrant and diversified funding channels of Paris’s financial market are part of France’s appeal.

A nation of innovation


France is investing heavily in R&D. Since 2007, its spending has been increasing every year, mainly as a result of tax benefits.

The main R&D investment sectors are automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, scientific and technical activities, and IT and information services.

In addition, France specializes in growth areas such as biotechnology and environmental technologies. It has made the ecological transition one of the mainstays of its development.

Exceptional infrastructure and quality of life


France has fast and efficient connections with the rest of the world, particularly Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Companies located in France also benefit from a high-quality communications infrastructure, including high-speed network coverage, as well as electricity at competitive and stable prices.

Furthermore, the public authorities’ contribution to collective and individual services (education, health, accommodation, transport, culture, etc.) directly improves the quality of life of households and companies.

For further information, visit : www.businessfrance.fr




Business France, an agency that reports to the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Housing, helps entrepreneurs set up in France.

The Business France network is the preferred partner for foreign investors seeking information on the legal and tax frameworks governing businesses in France, and public funding that could be allocated to support investment projects.

Business France facilitates contact between foreign companies and the French public bodies (Ministries, local government, State agencies, etc.) responsible for supporting these investors.

For further information, visit: www.businessfrance.fr

Welcome to France


Welcome to France is an online source of information to help foreign talents and their families adjust to living and working in France.

The site provides guidance regarding the main steps of moving to and settling in France.

"Make Our Planet Great Again"


« Make Our Planet Great Again ».
This call to pool energies in order to protect the planet demonstrates France’s willingness to stand at the forefront of the fight against global warming.

This platform aims at helping to mobilize all those wishing to commit themselves to projects, carry on research, take action, seek funding or move to France for the protection of our planet.

Coordinated by the ministries of Ecological and Sustainable Transition, Foreign and European Affairs, Economic Affairs, Higher Education, Research and Innovation, this website, supported by Business France and available in both French and English, provides a single tool that is challenging, practical and action-oriented.




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