Long stay visa for Monaco

List of documents

You have to apply one original + two copies of your file

- Two long stay visa application forms duly completed, dated and signed ;

- Passport + 1 copy (valid for the full duration of validity of the visa) ;

- Two photographs meeting requirements ;

- Document related to the stay :

  • a work contract stamped by the Work Office of Monaco ;
  • or an application to create a business or a company ;
  • or a bank statement certifying that the applicant is able to leave in Monaco without being employed ;

- Accommodation proof :

  • lease
  • or deed of property

- Letter stating that you have never been convicted in any country, that you have never been bankrupt and that you are not currently dealing with police or judiciary issues ;

- Police report or affidavit.

- Civil status documents, if applicable (mariage certificate, children’s birth certificates ...) ;

- Any relevant documents related to your present occupation or professional activity.

The visa is issued only after the authorization has been granted by the Monagasque Authorities. Processing Time - expect 3 months.

Dernière modification : 07/08/2017

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