Long stay visas

The long-stay visa it is a national visa that entitles you to live in France for more than three months for study, work, family reunion purposes, etc.

As the holder of a long stay French visa, you may transit through another country in the Schengen Area on your way to France and move freely throughout the Schengen Area for its entire period of validity.

Some categories of long-stay visa act as residence permits for the first year of your stay in France : study visas, some work visas, "visitors" visas. If this is your case, upon your arrival in France, you will need to send the OFII form to the relevant regional delegation of the French office in charge of International Migrations (OFII), in order to set up an appointment for payment of residence fees and medical examination.

Should your stay in France be over a year, 2 months before expiration of your visa, you will need to apply for an extension at your local prefecture.

Dernière modification : 30/05/2013

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