Long stay visitor’s visa

List of documents (original + 1 copy)

- Two long stay visa application forms duly completed, dated and signed ;

- Passport + 1 copy (valid for the full duration of validity of the visa) ;

- A Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian residence permit valid at the time of filing the application until the entry in France ;

- Two photographs meeting requirements ;

- Any relevant documents related to your present occupation ;

- Financial guarantee :

  • up-to-date bank statement showing that you have sufficient means to live in France (with the bank balance amounts),
  • proof of retirement pension or personal income.

- Proof of lodging in France :

  • lease, lease agreement or title deeds in France,
  • a letter from someone living in France stating that he/she will provide accommodation during your stay in France. Included with this statement must be : copy of the host’s passport , if applicable, copy of his/her "carte de séjour", copy of the lease or title deeds and a copy of either a recent gas or electricity or telephone bill.

- Proof of medical insurance ;

- Police report or affidavit ;

- Letter of motivation explaining the purpose of your application for a long stay in France ;

- Written statement from you, acknowledging that you will neither seek nor accept paid employment during your stay in France.

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