Short stay tourist visa for African countries

Short stay tourist visa for Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Gabon, Togo.

List of documents

- One short stay visa application form duly completed, dated and signed ;

- Passport (valid for a least 3 months upon return) ;

- Two photographs meeting requirements ;

- Accommodation documents :

  • If staying in a hotel : confirmed hotel booking issued by travel agent or hotel. If staying in different locations, you must provide all bookings.
  • If visiting family or friends : original of certificate of board and lodging to be obtained by the host and to be sent to you.

- Information about your current occupation :

  • If working : recent letter of reference from employer, bearing official heading and stamp, and signed by company representative.
  • If studying : student card.

- Recent bank statement ;

- Travel insurance ;

- Travel itinerary reservation.

Processing time to obtain the short stay visa : 1-3 days, exception Gabon (1 - 2 months).

Dernière modification : 02/02/2016

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